Spring Bloom Jewelry Bath Bomb

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Slip away for some well-deserved me time with this delicate and ethereal fizzer. Enjoy the softness and beauty of spring as the whimsical notes of flirty flowers turn your tub into a blooming soiree! Peony wild rose African violet and Carolina jasmine are mellowed with the warm elegance of wildflowers and exotic musk for a delightful finish.Scent Notes: Peony African Violets Wildflowers Carolina Jasmine Exotic MuskThis 8oz jewelry bath bomb contains a hidden surprise with a retail value from €20 to €100. Choose from rings pendants and earrings!Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate Magnesium Sulfate Citric Acid Polysorbate-80 Sunflower Oil Grapeseed Oil Olive Oil Shea Butter Corn Starch Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) Fragrance Colorant Witch Hazel.*Jewelry styles may vary.***Darker/ vibrant pigmented bath bombs may leave a slight residue in your tub that will wash away easily with soap and water***Discounts do not apply to bath bomb products